In the Shadow of a Dragon


A group of newcomers to Denver were contacted by one of their fixers. A Johnson needed a set of “shiny new faces” to act as neutral parties.

The runners met a Raven, a Koshari chieftan at a bar called Denim in the Pueblo sector. Raven tasked them with delivering a package to an address in the UCAS sector.

The group took the job and the package which was full of documents of some sort. Thanks to some lucky border crossings where the fake ids held up and some fancy driving by the rigger Tiger Lilly (avoiding several attempts to interfere with their delivery, including Yakuza) they only had one issue on the trip. A drek hot decker named Dean Costello hacked Lilly’s van and shut down the engine sending a message he wanted to talk.

Dean paid them to allow him to scan the package with an electronic scanner and they went on their way.

They found the address was the mansion of Omar Chavez, sottocapo of the Chavez mafia family. They delivered the documents and got paid, although they did not make a terribly good impression on the mafia Don.

Karma: 5
Nuyen: 3160



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