In the Shadow of a Dragon

The Grab

The runners are hired by a well connected arms dealer who they later identify as Lady Jade. The job is to snatch the daughter of a corporate wage slave named Catherine Westmore (mother Donna). The corper, a single mother, is out of town this week, so now is the time. The kid is to be handed off to another runner team after the job is done. After the meet, the Johnson is attacked by The Godz, Denvers premier go-gang, but the runners help fight them off.

Doing legwork the runners find out where the kid lives and what school she goes to. They also find out that there is a bodyguard named Jack “Frost” McPherson. Frost is a hard case ex military type, currently playing babysitter to the kid. He also has some very serious friends who are currently running a team called The Trinity. Scuttlebut on the street is Frost is unhappy with his current financial situation, apparently babysitting doesn’t pay well enough for someone with his cred.

Hitting Frost risks involving The Trinity, which is dangerous. Hitting the school might bring too much heat. Deciding to take a chance, they contact Frost with a deal. Some serious scratch to look the other way. Frost agrees, the nuyen flows, and the girl is easily grabbed from her bed one night.

Driving to the meet to drop off the kid driving down I-76 Lily is thinking to herself “So this is what a Milk Run must be…” Then she hears the whump whump whump of the chopper blades. Leaning out the window she sees someone swinging out the Ultramax Machine gun and the troll on the rappelling rope of the pursuing chopper. Trying to flee, she realizes the rigger in the chopper has all the advantage as the gun roars to life and tears up the highway in front of the car. Then she realized the troll is ACTUALLY intending to rappel down onto them! Meet “The Trinity”. Guess Frost never made a deal about what happens AFTER he looks the other way… The drek hits the fan. Lily thinks “So this is what they mean by the term Milk Run…”

Fast forward: The beat up vehicle delivers the kid.

Fast forward: Even news reports a kidnapping gone horribly wrong. The runner team holding the hostage refuses to surrender to police. The runners are all killed, but so is the 12 year old female victim when Lone Star failed to notice a sniper on a nearby rooftop. Another innocent casualty of the Plex.



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