In the Shadow of a Dragon

Thrash the Body Electric

Corporate Shenanigans

The team was splintered for various reasons, all that was left was Lilly and Alaric and they had bills to pay. They added a face and a shamanic adept and put out word that they were for hire.

Fortune smiled as a few days later the shaman Sereth had a job lead from her friend Blink. They met Mr. Johnson at the Aspen Chalet it Golden, a rather nice place on the edge of the mountains. Mr. Johnson wanted them to disrupt the business operations of Rocky Mountain Dynamics which was located in Pueblo sector along Bow Mar lake in the sleepy town of Bow Mar. $1k up front and another $5.5k upon completion (each) were agreed upon. There were stipulations: No loss of life of employees or contractors of RMD, no damage to the structures or grounds. Each failure on those would result in a loss of 1/3 payment each.

The group set off immediately Saturday night. Lilly hacked the RMD system and stole a copy of the personnel records, though she was spotted and had to jack out. Alaric and Mr French gathered intel on the gangs in the area: Two go-gangs were the Godz and a new player the Ghostriders, two thrill gangs were the Dambusters and the Zombies.

Sunday they researched, Mr French talked to his friend Don Casquilho. They found out several things about RMD having trouble with Nissan, and that the GM of RMD, Erik Fjordson, was good friends (“choombas”) with Emilio Chavez, son of Don Chavez of the Chavez mafia. That complicated things a bit.

The next day (Monday) they scouted the facilities and found it lightly protected though there was an Ares plant next door. Sereth summoned up a fire elemental and had it set fire to the containers on the premises, but a mage from somewhere apparently banished it after several minutes of fiery mayhem. That prompted Lilly to follow the fire trucks onto the property in her big truck and they had a grand old time tearing the place up with the truck as guards wearing black ball caps embroidered with a single eye ineffectually sprayed gel rounds at the armored vehicle. They fled back to the cheap hotel where they were holed up, passing Knight Errant heading towards the plant. Hopefully nobody followed them!

Tuesday morning Lilly did some matrix digging on security at RMD. Payroll had no security listed, they must be contractors. The single eye embroidered on the black ball caps in gold thread suggested a “cyclops”. Denver has a security contracting firm called Cyclops Security. Lilly dug up some info from the matrix on them.

Then Lilly hacked into RMD again and stole their shipping schedule files. She couldn’t help but throw a wrench into their factory automation while she was at it, setting the line to run a t triple speed, but then she had to flee as the node had noticed her and the IC and security hackers were swarming.



  • It’s a third tier corp; their headquarters isin Vancouver, and their CEO is David Cherbourne. They manufacture electric motors, mostly for cars and watercraft.
  • They also manufacture generators, mostly for hydroelectric plants. They have strong relationships with many of the NAN tribal governments. Their plant in Denver is in the Bow Mar neighborhood of the PCC sector. The facility is run by general manager Erik Fjordson.
  • Their manufacturing plant in Bow Mar is the primary source for the wheel motors in Chysler-Nissan Jackrabbits sold in North America. They also supply electric motors for several of Nissan’s drone designs, such as the Doberman.
  • It is rumored that someone in the Chavez mafia family has an interest in RMD.
  • RMD is currently in negotiations to renew its contract with Nissan. Nissan is upset with quality control in RMD’s Bow Mar manufacturing facility, and is insisting on major improvements at the plant. RMD is balking at the costs involved to upgrade the automated control systems and equipment, considering the low profit margin on the parts supplied to Nissan for the Jackrabbit. Plant general manager Erik Fjordson is under pressure to keep quality high and overhead low, an almost impossible task considering the age of the facility.
  • The Chavez family has an interest in the plant.
  • Emilio Chavez is a choomba with RMD plant general manager Erik Fjordson. They both crave the rush, mostly from speed.
  • Word is, Fjordson managed to acquire some stealthy watercraft for Emilio Caesar, as well as a pair of exotic electric racing bikes. Emilio keeps an eye on the RMD facility out of friendship with Fjordson.
  • Erik Fjordson is the general manager of Rocky Mountain Dynamic’s manufacturing plant in Bow Mar. Been there about 2 years.
  • Prior to that, Fjordson worked as a managing engineer for Ares back in Detroit. They recruited him right out of Purdue. He currently lives at 335 Marion in the Littleton district of PCC sector.

Bow Mar Gangs

  • The highways around Bow Mar are the turf of the Godz go gang. The main street gangs are the Dambusters and the Zombies. Even though the Mafia control the den of gambling at the Lakeside Amusement Park, there are other power brokers on the street. The Yakuza and Triads control much of the smuggling and BTL trade.
  • The Godz are involved with smuggling, often as escorts or guides. The street gangs have turf that overlaps in some places, but I’ve never heard of a gang war between them. The Dambusters have a vintage look from the 1940s, and have connections to the Yaks. They provide protection to several coyotes in exchange for a cut of the action. The coyotes operate on the PCC/CAS border. The Zombies dress in drab greys, and have a heroin chic look. They’re involved mostly with the street distribution of BTLs.
  • In the Bow Mar neighborhood, the local Godz lieutenant is Apollo; the Godz have connections to both the Mafia and the Triads. They frequent several bars and clubs along Route 470; which one they end up at varies from night to night.
  • The boss of the Dambusters is Wallis. He’s pulled the gang away from the Yaks somewhat. They’re taking all kinds of jobs now, and can often be found in bars and clubs along Quincy Avenue in Bow Mar. The Zombies are led by Romero; he’s a strange one. Some say the ork’s crazy, but I think he just has a sick sense of humor. The Zombies show up all over the Bow Mar district, and even have a yellow school bus they’re seen in occasionally. Recently they’ve been seen around the Southwest Plaza Mall in Bow Mar.
  • There’s a new go gang in the district, mostly girls. They ride Route 121 and the 285, and call themselves the Ghostriders. They have some crazy special effects when they ride. The Ghostriders’ boss is Wanda, and she’s one tough chica. One or more of them is supposedly a shaman, and that’s who creates the ghostly effects. They hang out at All the World’s a Stage, a bar in Bow Mar.

Cyclops Security

  • It’s a local security outfit here in Denver. They aren’t big enough to play in The Hub or with the Star or K/E, but they have quite a few clients down in the PCC and CAS sectors. They wear brown uniforms and ball caps with the insignia of a single gold eye.
  • Their personnel are pretty good, as security guards go. No internal donut sacks on these guys, and they’re equipped pretty well, from what I’ve seen. Predator pistols and occasionally shotguns, with good body armor. They are one of the security contractors at the federal correctional institution in Bow Mar.
  • Their rapid response and regional office is in Littleton at the corner of Platte Canyon Road and Ken Caryl Avenue. It includes a hangar, and word is they have a modified Hughes Stallion on Ready status at all times.
  • They don’t have much in the way of magical assets, from what I’ve seen. Any sort of magic is on call, not on site. They don’t have a security system division, so technical security devices and surveillance varies from client to client. They know how to use what they’ve got, though.



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