Derek Diamond

Outlandish Fixer


UCAS, middle class. White leisure suit, gold chains, wavy blond hair, always wears dark sunglasses, has a diamond in his front tooth. Derek likes to point, wink over his glasses, and make silly clicking noises with his tongue. He thinks he’s quite the ladies man, but they all find him repulsive.

Derek is a fixer for both Task and Alaric.


B3 A3 R3 S3 W4 L3 I5 C5 Es6 Ed3

Connection: 4

CM 10

Limits: P4 M5 S7

Init: 8 + 1d6

Skills: Computer 6, Data Search 8, Etiquette (Street) 8(10), Negotiation 9, Perception 6, Pistols 5

KS: Corporate Rumors 8, Fences 7, Gear Values 9, Shadowrunner Teams 8

Derek Diamond

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