Jimmi the Fix

Mafia club owner


Big goon who runs The Pelican, a club in UCAS sector known to be a mafia hangout of the Casquilho family.

Jimmi runs a crew out of the club, loansharking, numbers, girls, and BTLs.


B5 A3 R3 S5 W4 L2 I4 C4 Es6 Ed2

Connection: 3

CM 11

Limits: P5 M4 S5

Init: 7 + 1d6

Skills: Clubs 6, Pistols 5, Intimidation 7, Con 5, Negotiation 6, Perception 5, Etiquette(Mafia) 7(9)

KS: Mafia operations 6, Denver underworld 7, Clubs 6, Shadowrunners 5

Jimmi the Fix

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