Natalie Campbell

Lone Star Detective


Natalie once had a fling with Mr. French while she was a cop. They broke up, Natalie made detective and now she has to act tough to make it in a male dominated career.

She still tolerates her ex boyfriend.


B4 A5 R3 S3 W4 L3 I5 C4 Es6 Ed2

Connection: 5

CM 10

Limits: P5 M5 S6

Init: 8 + 1d6

Skills: Clubs 5, Computer 5, Con 4, Etiquette(Street) 6(8), Intimidation 5, Perception 6, Pistols 5, Disguise 4, Palming 6, Sneaking 5

KS: Crime Syndicates 6, Law Enforcement 7, Street Gang Identification 5, Street Rumors 6

Natalie Campbell

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