Seth Orion

Elven Fixer


Seth is an elf who constantly blinks when meeting with him earning him the nickname “Blinks” this tick is so ingrained that his matrix persona even blinks. He is a childhood friend of Sere as all of her friends and family call her.


B3 A5 R3 S3 W3 L3 I6 C6 Es6 Ed1

Connection: 3

CM 10

Limits: P4 M5 S7

Init: 9 + 1d6

Skills: Computer 4, Con 5, Etiquette (Mafia) 6(8), Negotiation 8, Perception 6, Pistols 4, Sneaking 4

KS: Magical Theory 4, Indian Affairs 6, Denver Underworld(Koshari) 7(9), Matrix Culture 5, Awakened Denver 6, Black Market Connections 6

Seth Orion

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