Vinnie the Tooth

Orc Bookie


Vinnie is a bookie that runs out of the back of a liquor store run by his brother, Kenny. He is called “the Tooth” because he once put a guy in the hospital by biting him.

Vinnie is from Alabama originally and runs books for the Casquilho mafia family in the CAS sector. He is having problems with the Chavez trying to muscle into his turf.


B5 A3 R4 S6 W4 L3 I5 C4 Es6 Ed2

Connection: 4

CM 11/10

Limits: P7 M5 S6

Init: 9 + 1d6

Skills: Computer 4, Con 5, Etiquette (Street) 6(8), Negotiation 6, Perception 5, Unarmed 5, Pistols 4

KS: Gambling Culture 8, Sports 7, Denver Mafia 6, Shadowrunners 4

Vinnie the Tooth

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