In the Shadow of a Dragon

Thrash the Body Electric II

Mr French Party Harty

After much deliberation they decided to go after RMD shipments in transit using local gang bangers.

They found the Ghostriders Go-Gangers at their hangout, All the Worlds a Stage, a karoake bar in a strip mall in Bow Mar. It ended up the Ghostriders, being new in town, were hungry to make a mark and after some smooth negotiations from Mr French they agreed to hit an outgoing shipment tomorrow afternoon, giving the runners 20% of the fenced take.

Later that night they decided to push their luck and see if they could get the Godz, the premier biker gang in Denver, to hit an incoming shipment. They tracked down the Godz to a party they were throwing at a large compound that was a mechanics shop. Inside they found Apollo, the leader of the local Godz faction drinking and fondling a biker babe on a dias/throne in the main party room. Mr French approached Apollo but he didn’t want to talk until after the party. Apollo told them they could stay and asked Candice to “show Mr French a good time”. Candice was older and well worn. Sereth, worried French was getting in over his head started a cat fight with Candice to protect “her brother” when French and Candice headed towards the back. A mini brawl erupted which was quickly stopped bt Apollo with a shotgun blast to the ceiling. Sereth was thrown out.

Mr French played along with Candice, but managed to avoid the X rated BTL’s she wanted to try with him by suggesting they share his Novacoke. He spent the next few hours in a hedonistic blur.

Afterwards he met with a shirtless Apollo who quickly agreed to the hit on the shipment for a larger cut than Mr French was shooting for. Nice!

The next day Lilly watched with her fly spy drone the Ghostriders take down the outgoing shipment. They were smooth.

She tried to watch the Godz hit, but wasn’t sure where the incoming truck could be found and flew up and down the highway for a while with no luck.

They laid low and waited. The Ghostriders called their burner comm and told them the goods were being moved and it would take a while, they would be back in touch.

French and Lilly went to the casino that night, not a lucky night, then went to a diner for pie. On the way out a van cut them off and a handful of mafia thugs accosted them, beating them senseless. The apparent leader sent a message “RMD is not to be fucked with, back off”.

They nursed their wounds at a new motel. The Godz called the burner and said they had their money, they would meet at 10pm Thursday night to give them their cut at a junkyard on the west side.

Meanwhile the group went to try and kidnap the RMD GM, they broke into his house without too much problem but found out it looked like he and his wife had packed up some clothes and left. He must have gone to ground.

They decided the Godz meet was too risky, but Lilly jumped in her fly spy and flew to the junkyard out of curiosity. There was a ton of EW noise there making things very difficult. She thought she spotted a Puebsec security vehicle then realized she was getting hacked. She tried to get the drone out of there, but the hacker was gaining control so she shut it off and it crashed somewhere outside the junkyard. They looked later, but could not find it.

Deciding things were too hot, they laid low to see what happened. Sure enough the Jonhson called the com he had given them and told them the job was done, they could pick up their payment. When they did all they met was the Johnson’s bodyguard with their cred. He said they had performed their job but the desired result failed to materialize then he left.

Job done?

A few days later this news item was spotted:

MetalStorm acquires RMD property to fulfill new UCAS Navy contract 12:30pm PST, Friday, April 17th, 2071

Metalstorm, a subsidiary of AresArms, is pleased to announce the purchase of the former RMD electric motor manufacturing facility in Bow Mar. After spirited negotiations, RMD CEO David Cherbourne and Metalstorm President Alan Davis held a Matrix virtual press conference at 11:45am today to announce the transaction. “This sale strengthens our balance sheet, and positions Rocky Mountain Dynamics to expand into high-end electric motor design and production. Our Bow Mar facility’s falling profit margins and rising operating costs made it a natural location to begin this restructuring.”

RMD CEO David Cherbourne:

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to acquire this facility from Rocky Mountain Dynamics. The buildings, transportation infrastructure, and location mesh perfectly with our needs. We look forward to bringing the PuebSec the most reliable and technically advanced weapons system in existence.”

MetalStorm President Alan Davis:

As reported Tuesday, MetalStorm won a PuebSec contract to produce and install several classes of ground attack pods in aerial drones and aircraft. To see how MetalStorm’s revolutionary technology works, link to the trideo files attached to this press release.



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