In the Shadow of a Dragon

Chasing the Dragon
A Tale of Two Yaks: A story of love, infidelity, betrayal and murder

Sometimes in the shadows, business is business; and sometimes, it’s not. This time, it’s not. The seeds of this run were planted two years ago, when Junko Tetsuya was still a member of the Yamato-rengo. At that time, she was engaged in an affair with one of the clan’s enforcers: Takeshi Modori. Takeshi was a young, highly motivated, and idealistic member of the family who still bought in to the tenets of honor and tradition touted by the organization’s elders. Junko found this trait admirable—Takeshi was a breath of fresh air in comparison to most of the other common thugs she dealt with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Takeshi was married, and he also had two beautiful children; so the nature of their relationship, which bloomed into full blown passion over time, had to be kept secret from the eyes of others.

Trouble began when Takeshi finally slipped up and got picked up by Lone Star. He would later tell Junko the details of what happened during his interrogation, but not before it was too late. The authorities were privy to a shipment of drugs that would be smuggled into Denver by the Yakuza sometime over the next week. They pressed Takeshi for information. When they finally stooped so far as to threaten his family, he buckled under pressure and told them everything they needed to know. Takeshi was released from prison in exchange for his information, but not before a Lone Star task force could ambush the incoming shipment. The operation was a success, resulting in a multitude of arrests, the successful seizure of all the incoming narcotics, and only one death. That casualty happened to be the son of a respected elder of the organization. When Takeshi’s grief over this caused a momentary lapse in judgment, he opened his mouth to the wrong person.

That person was Kazuya Hotomi, a friend of both Takeshi and Junko who served the Yamato-rengo as a highly skilled assassin. Overwhelmed and needing someone to talk to, Takeshi confessed his burden to his friend in confidence; but Takeshi underestimated Kazuya’s zeal, and his desire to gain the favor of his bosses. Kazuya turned Takeshi in. The deceased’s father did not believe that traditional methods of punishment were good enough. He wanted Takeshi to suffer as he had suffered, and so threw himself at the feet of oyabun Kasigi Toda and requested that they teach Takeshi the true meaning of agony. He consented, and ordered the execution of Takeshi’s family. Kazuya was to do the deed. He did.

Demoralized, Takeshi turned his back on the Yakuza for good. He bore them no ill will, biting back any emotional desires for vengeance. The death of his family, he reasoned, was his fault. He had dishonored the rengo through his failure, and they had punished him accordingly. Junko, however, was not so forgiving.

Embittered by the turn of events, she also left the Yakuza (though she parted them on much more amicable terms than Takeshi, for obvious reasons, and has maintained a working business relationship with them since). Though she also did not blame the organization directly, she did blame Kazuya for betraying Takeshi’s trust, and her hatred of him has continued to simmer in her heart for two long years. That simmering was worsened by the fact that Takeshi no longer wanted anything to do with her romantically. He could not look into her eyes without being reminded of how their affair was yet another betrayal, and another failure, to his family. Though they remain friends, to call their relationship tense would be an understatement.

The only thing stopping Junko from seeking the revenge Takeshi refused to take for himself was the fact that Kazuya remained with the Yakuza, and not even her desire for revenge could make her crazy enough to offend the organization. She did, however, use her web of contacts to gather information on the man, in hopes that she could find a way to exploit and destroy him when the time was right. This eventually led to her discovery of Kazuya’s most well kept secret: he had a daughter. Her name was Catherine Westmore, and she lived with her mother, Donna Westmore, a gaijin. Junko filed this information away for later use.

CUT TO: A few weeks ago.

Through her contact web, Junko learns a startling piece of information: Kazuya Hotomi has left the Yakuza and, for reasons still a mystery even to her, gone into hiding. Recognizing that this means he is no longer under the protection of the rengo, Junko chooses this time to strike. First thing’s first:she has to draw Kazuya out into the open. To this end, she makes use of her wildcard.

Junko hires a team of shadowrunners to kidnap Kazuya’s daughter. Her hope is that, by staging a ransom, Kazuya will be drawn out into the open to seek vengeance on his daughter’s kidnappers. Once Kazuya takes action, Junko believes her feelers will be able to locate him. Then, she can finally have her (and Takeshi’s) revenge. The only thing Junko doesn’t count on is someone else choosing this time to take a crack at revenge as well, and taking advantage of her plot to do just that in a far more sadistic way…

CUT TO: Today

The runners are hired by woman to find the killer of Catherine Westmore, the 12 year old girl they kidnapped a few weeks back. Ms Johnson meets Lilly alone in a seedy hotel room and offers $35k for Lilly and her team to capture the murderer and deliver him to her.

All of the above backstory was pieced together by the runners from legwork, most of the details from Takeshi himself who was found convalescing at Mystic Curiousities from near fatal gunshot wounds. Takeshi tells of calling Lone Star after he learned of the girls kidnapping and whereabouts, planning to have Lone Star flush out the runners holding the girl and killing her with a sniper rifle from a rooftop. However, he learned something about himself that day a few weeks ago: He couldn’t do it.

Through contacts they trace down The Dragon to Club Karma in China town, a White Lotus Triad stronghold. The White Lotus are protecting The Dragon, who stole something called The Dragon Stone from the Yakuza. Club Karma is a dance club. Visiting the club, Mr French cuts a deal with An Peng, Hwung Kao of the Golden Triangle triad to lure the guards away from the door. Sereth goes invisible and explores upstairs. She finds who she presumes to be The Dragon in a room reading a book. She tries a flame bolt on him, but he is scary fast and dodges pulling a gun and opening fire. Sereth flees, chaos ensues and they escape the club.

Mama Tembi summons Papa Legba to possess her and divine the future of The Dragon. Papa Legba sees a powerful woman driven by greed but plagued by guilt cutting a deal with Mr French.

Through a Rose Colored Display Link

Mr French was asked to bring his new associates to Marcels restaurant to meet with his old friend Don Casquilho, Don of the Casquilho mafia. Don Casquilho was interested in the new “business” Mr French had gotten himself into and made them keenly aware that they should keep the interests of the family in mind should those interests ever cross with their “work”. In addition he wanted to offer them a job. There had been a double murder at LuCom Corporation and the family had been implicated. Dean Costello, a mob hacker, had been arrested for the crime, his girlfriend and a security guard were killed and the companies data was ransacked. Dean swore he was innocent and Don Casquilho believed him and was not going to stand for an attack on the family like this. He wanted things cleared up. When asked who might be moving against the family, he told them the triad had been causing trouble. He suspected them. He gave them a false ID for the law firm they had hired to represent Dean so they could get in to talk to him. Mr French negotiated some access to the mob forgers for fake IDs as part of the deal.

Visitning Dean Costello in jail they found that most of the evidence the police had was circumstantial. Yes Dean was seeing Alice and he had a large reputation for wooing women to swindle them. But he claimed he loved this one. Yes, he was seen at LuCom, he dropped off flowers earlier in the day. Yes, he had no alibi for the time of the murders. His matrix persona was logged at the company host just before it was crashed, but he swore that wasn’t him. What he hadn’t told anyone was that during the murders he was messing around online and playing “Switchboard” where purely for fun he was hacking delivery schedules and moving around deliveries. Those logs could prove he was online at his host at that time, but unfortunately he had accidentally redirected a shipment of the family drugs to a flower shop in Seattle. He would be in big trouble if the mob found out, so he could not use that alibi. He told them he had a worm installed on Alices comlink that could track it if it came online and was being used, he gave them access to his flat to retrieve it from his host. They did, but Lily spotted a white squirrel Agent program poking around in his host when they got there. It had stolen a file on mob hackers and fled, but she lost it in the matrix.

Visiting LuCom they found police AROs marking it a crime scene and a police blimp overhead. All of the computer AROs and cameras in the neighborhood were down, that was strange.

Hitting contacts, Mr French talked to Knight Errant detective Jack Diamond who was watching LuCom from the coffee shop across the street. Diamond was a hard case, but it became clear he thought something was fishy. His hands were somewhat tied by protocol, but it seemed he didn’t mind if the runners found something that fell into his lap.

Friday night Alices comlink came online and they tracked it to Happy Canyon mall in CAS sector. Travelling there they found a U shaped mall with a chinese pagoda in the middle. A large party full of chinese was going on. Triad. Uh-oh. The signal was coming from Red Wire electronics on one end of the mall. There was only one door into Red Wire. Inside they found two dead triad guards, it appeared one had been shot in the back of the head by the other who had then shot himself in the datajack (ouch). It looked like they had been slotting BTL and one of the chips was still slotted in the first dead goon. As they looked around, one of the goons comlinks on the desk started blinking. Mr French noticed some triad heading their way, led by a tall skinny troll with mystical symbols on his horns. Then both goons comlinks bricked before their eyes, Lily saw a white rabbit agent program on the matrix fleeing. They tried to flee out the front but a barrier spell was blocking it. An earth elemental manifested and beat the crap out of Sereth who was knocked unconscious. Lily went for her drone but she spotted a bunch of Knight Errant cruisers screaming into the scene. A gun battle between cops and triads broke out. They managed to deal with the crew at the store and flee in the chaos, but Lily grabbed the BTL chip and the fried comlink. Alices comlink was nowhere to be found.

Investigating the chip and the fried comlink Lily found it as extremely advanced BTL, maybe military grade, but she couldn’t quite understand how it worked. The fragements of comlink code she was able to recover were somehow linked to the BTL through the matrix, again, very odd code also that she could not quite understand how it all fit together.

Their only lead was the BTL. Lily slotted it. Happiness ensued, bright sunshine, green grass, pastel floating flower, happy music, cute little animals. The bluebird on her shoulder whispered “slot this program”, “slot this program”. She really really wanted to but resisted, the BTL seemed to have a component that could control the user and the matrix link would be used to send commands. She was high, but she noticed all the animals seemed to be heading south. They followed, Lily high the whole way but barely resisting the incredibly strong urges of the software. It led them to an abandoned building in a bad part of CAS sector, the Englewood district. On the wall was graffiti with a large happy face and a logo “Happiness is only a smile away”….

Thrash the Body Electric II
Mr French Party Harty

After much deliberation they decided to go after RMD shipments in transit using local gang bangers.

They found the Ghostriders Go-Gangers at their hangout, All the Worlds a Stage, a karoake bar in a strip mall in Bow Mar. It ended up the Ghostriders, being new in town, were hungry to make a mark and after some smooth negotiations from Mr French they agreed to hit an outgoing shipment tomorrow afternoon, giving the runners 20% of the fenced take.

Later that night they decided to push their luck and see if they could get the Godz, the premier biker gang in Denver, to hit an incoming shipment. They tracked down the Godz to a party they were throwing at a large compound that was a mechanics shop. Inside they found Apollo, the leader of the local Godz faction drinking and fondling a biker babe on a dias/throne in the main party room. Mr French approached Apollo but he didn’t want to talk until after the party. Apollo told them they could stay and asked Candice to “show Mr French a good time”. Candice was older and well worn. Sereth, worried French was getting in over his head started a cat fight with Candice to protect “her brother” when French and Candice headed towards the back. A mini brawl erupted which was quickly stopped bt Apollo with a shotgun blast to the ceiling. Sereth was thrown out.

Mr French played along with Candice, but managed to avoid the X rated BTL’s she wanted to try with him by suggesting they share his Novacoke. He spent the next few hours in a hedonistic blur.

Afterwards he met with a shirtless Apollo who quickly agreed to the hit on the shipment for a larger cut than Mr French was shooting for. Nice!

The next day Lilly watched with her fly spy drone the Ghostriders take down the outgoing shipment. They were smooth.

She tried to watch the Godz hit, but wasn’t sure where the incoming truck could be found and flew up and down the highway for a while with no luck.

They laid low and waited. The Ghostriders called their burner comm and told them the goods were being moved and it would take a while, they would be back in touch.

French and Lilly went to the casino that night, not a lucky night, then went to a diner for pie. On the way out a van cut them off and a handful of mafia thugs accosted them, beating them senseless. The apparent leader sent a message “RMD is not to be fucked with, back off”.

They nursed their wounds at a new motel. The Godz called the burner and said they had their money, they would meet at 10pm Thursday night to give them their cut at a junkyard on the west side.

Meanwhile the group went to try and kidnap the RMD GM, they broke into his house without too much problem but found out it looked like he and his wife had packed up some clothes and left. He must have gone to ground.

They decided the Godz meet was too risky, but Lilly jumped in her fly spy and flew to the junkyard out of curiosity. There was a ton of EW noise there making things very difficult. She thought she spotted a Puebsec security vehicle then realized she was getting hacked. She tried to get the drone out of there, but the hacker was gaining control so she shut it off and it crashed somewhere outside the junkyard. They looked later, but could not find it.

Deciding things were too hot, they laid low to see what happened. Sure enough the Jonhson called the com he had given them and told them the job was done, they could pick up their payment. When they did all they met was the Johnson’s bodyguard with their cred. He said they had performed their job but the desired result failed to materialize then he left.

Job done?

A few days later this news item was spotted:

MetalStorm acquires RMD property to fulfill new UCAS Navy contract 12:30pm PST, Friday, April 17th, 2071

Metalstorm, a subsidiary of AresArms, is pleased to announce the purchase of the former RMD electric motor manufacturing facility in Bow Mar. After spirited negotiations, RMD CEO David Cherbourne and Metalstorm President Alan Davis held a Matrix virtual press conference at 11:45am today to announce the transaction. “This sale strengthens our balance sheet, and positions Rocky Mountain Dynamics to expand into high-end electric motor design and production. Our Bow Mar facility’s falling profit margins and rising operating costs made it a natural location to begin this restructuring.”

RMD CEO David Cherbourne:

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to acquire this facility from Rocky Mountain Dynamics. The buildings, transportation infrastructure, and location mesh perfectly with our needs. We look forward to bringing the PuebSec the most reliable and technically advanced weapons system in existence.”

MetalStorm President Alan Davis:

As reported Tuesday, MetalStorm won a PuebSec contract to produce and install several classes of ground attack pods in aerial drones and aircraft. To see how MetalStorm’s revolutionary technology works, link to the trideo files attached to this press release.

Thrash the Body Electric
Corporate Shenanigans

The team was splintered for various reasons, all that was left was Lilly and Alaric and they had bills to pay. They added a face and a shamanic adept and put out word that they were for hire.

Fortune smiled as a few days later the shaman Sereth had a job lead from her friend Blink. They met Mr. Johnson at the Aspen Chalet it Golden, a rather nice place on the edge of the mountains. Mr. Johnson wanted them to disrupt the business operations of Rocky Mountain Dynamics which was located in Pueblo sector along Bow Mar lake in the sleepy town of Bow Mar. $1k up front and another $5.5k upon completion (each) were agreed upon. There were stipulations: No loss of life of employees or contractors of RMD, no damage to the structures or grounds. Each failure on those would result in a loss of 1/3 payment each.

The group set off immediately Saturday night. Lilly hacked the RMD system and stole a copy of the personnel records, though she was spotted and had to jack out. Alaric and Mr French gathered intel on the gangs in the area: Two go-gangs were the Godz and a new player the Ghostriders, two thrill gangs were the Dambusters and the Zombies.

Sunday they researched, Mr French talked to his friend Don Casquilho. They found out several things about RMD having trouble with Nissan, and that the GM of RMD, Erik Fjordson, was good friends (“choombas”) with Emilio Chavez, son of Don Chavez of the Chavez mafia. That complicated things a bit.

The next day (Monday) they scouted the facilities and found it lightly protected though there was an Ares plant next door. Sereth summoned up a fire elemental and had it set fire to the containers on the premises, but a mage from somewhere apparently banished it after several minutes of fiery mayhem. That prompted Lilly to follow the fire trucks onto the property in her big truck and they had a grand old time tearing the place up with the truck as guards wearing black ball caps embroidered with a single eye ineffectually sprayed gel rounds at the armored vehicle. They fled back to the cheap hotel where they were holed up, passing Knight Errant heading towards the plant. Hopefully nobody followed them!

Tuesday morning Lilly did some matrix digging on security at RMD. Payroll had no security listed, they must be contractors. The single eye embroidered on the black ball caps in gold thread suggested a “cyclops”. Denver has a security contracting firm called Cyclops Security. Lilly dug up some info from the matrix on them.

Then Lilly hacked into RMD again and stole their shipping schedule files. She couldn’t help but throw a wrench into their factory automation while she was at it, setting the line to run a t triple speed, but then she had to flee as the node had noticed her and the IC and security hackers were swarming.



  • It’s a third tier corp; their headquarters isin Vancouver, and their CEO is David Cherbourne. They manufacture electric motors, mostly for cars and watercraft.
  • They also manufacture generators, mostly for hydroelectric plants. They have strong relationships with many of the NAN tribal governments. Their plant in Denver is in the Bow Mar neighborhood of the PCC sector. The facility is run by general manager Erik Fjordson.
  • Their manufacturing plant in Bow Mar is the primary source for the wheel motors in Chysler-Nissan Jackrabbits sold in North America. They also supply electric motors for several of Nissan’s drone designs, such as the Doberman.
  • It is rumored that someone in the Chavez mafia family has an interest in RMD.
  • RMD is currently in negotiations to renew its contract with Nissan. Nissan is upset with quality control in RMD’s Bow Mar manufacturing facility, and is insisting on major improvements at the plant. RMD is balking at the costs involved to upgrade the automated control systems and equipment, considering the low profit margin on the parts supplied to Nissan for the Jackrabbit. Plant general manager Erik Fjordson is under pressure to keep quality high and overhead low, an almost impossible task considering the age of the facility.
  • The Chavez family has an interest in the plant.
  • Emilio Chavez is a choomba with RMD plant general manager Erik Fjordson. They both crave the rush, mostly from speed.
  • Word is, Fjordson managed to acquire some stealthy watercraft for Emilio Caesar, as well as a pair of exotic electric racing bikes. Emilio keeps an eye on the RMD facility out of friendship with Fjordson.
  • Erik Fjordson is the general manager of Rocky Mountain Dynamic’s manufacturing plant in Bow Mar. Been there about 2 years.
  • Prior to that, Fjordson worked as a managing engineer for Ares back in Detroit. They recruited him right out of Purdue. He currently lives at 335 Marion in the Littleton district of PCC sector.

Bow Mar Gangs

  • The highways around Bow Mar are the turf of the Godz go gang. The main street gangs are the Dambusters and the Zombies. Even though the Mafia control the den of gambling at the Lakeside Amusement Park, there are other power brokers on the street. The Yakuza and Triads control much of the smuggling and BTL trade.
  • The Godz are involved with smuggling, often as escorts or guides. The street gangs have turf that overlaps in some places, but I’ve never heard of a gang war between them. The Dambusters have a vintage look from the 1940s, and have connections to the Yaks. They provide protection to several coyotes in exchange for a cut of the action. The coyotes operate on the PCC/CAS border. The Zombies dress in drab greys, and have a heroin chic look. They’re involved mostly with the street distribution of BTLs.
  • In the Bow Mar neighborhood, the local Godz lieutenant is Apollo; the Godz have connections to both the Mafia and the Triads. They frequent several bars and clubs along Route 470; which one they end up at varies from night to night.
  • The boss of the Dambusters is Wallis. He’s pulled the gang away from the Yaks somewhat. They’re taking all kinds of jobs now, and can often be found in bars and clubs along Quincy Avenue in Bow Mar. The Zombies are led by Romero; he’s a strange one. Some say the ork’s crazy, but I think he just has a sick sense of humor. The Zombies show up all over the Bow Mar district, and even have a yellow school bus they’re seen in occasionally. Recently they’ve been seen around the Southwest Plaza Mall in Bow Mar.
  • There’s a new go gang in the district, mostly girls. They ride Route 121 and the 285, and call themselves the Ghostriders. They have some crazy special effects when they ride. The Ghostriders’ boss is Wanda, and she’s one tough chica. One or more of them is supposedly a shaman, and that’s who creates the ghostly effects. They hang out at All the World’s a Stage, a bar in Bow Mar.

Cyclops Security

  • It’s a local security outfit here in Denver. They aren’t big enough to play in The Hub or with the Star or K/E, but they have quite a few clients down in the PCC and CAS sectors. They wear brown uniforms and ball caps with the insignia of a single gold eye.
  • Their personnel are pretty good, as security guards go. No internal donut sacks on these guys, and they’re equipped pretty well, from what I’ve seen. Predator pistols and occasionally shotguns, with good body armor. They are one of the security contractors at the federal correctional institution in Bow Mar.
  • Their rapid response and regional office is in Littleton at the corner of Platte Canyon Road and Ken Caryl Avenue. It includes a hangar, and word is they have a modified Hughes Stallion on Ready status at all times.
  • They don’t have much in the way of magical assets, from what I’ve seen. Any sort of magic is on call, not on site. They don’t have a security system division, so technical security devices and surveillance varies from client to client. They know how to use what they’ve got, though.
The Grab

The runners are hired by a well connected arms dealer who they later identify as Lady Jade. The job is to snatch the daughter of a corporate wage slave named Catherine Westmore (mother Donna). The corper, a single mother, is out of town this week, so now is the time. The kid is to be handed off to another runner team after the job is done. After the meet, the Johnson is attacked by The Godz, Denvers premier go-gang, but the runners help fight them off.

Doing legwork the runners find out where the kid lives and what school she goes to. They also find out that there is a bodyguard named Jack “Frost” McPherson. Frost is a hard case ex military type, currently playing babysitter to the kid. He also has some very serious friends who are currently running a team called The Trinity. Scuttlebut on the street is Frost is unhappy with his current financial situation, apparently babysitting doesn’t pay well enough for someone with his cred.

Hitting Frost risks involving The Trinity, which is dangerous. Hitting the school might bring too much heat. Deciding to take a chance, they contact Frost with a deal. Some serious scratch to look the other way. Frost agrees, the nuyen flows, and the girl is easily grabbed from her bed one night.

Driving to the meet to drop off the kid driving down I-76 Lily is thinking to herself “So this is what a Milk Run must be…” Then she hears the whump whump whump of the chopper blades. Leaning out the window she sees someone swinging out the Ultramax Machine gun and the troll on the rappelling rope of the pursuing chopper. Trying to flee, she realizes the rigger in the chopper has all the advantage as the gun roars to life and tears up the highway in front of the car. Then she realized the troll is ACTUALLY intending to rappel down onto them! Meet “The Trinity”. Guess Frost never made a deal about what happens AFTER he looks the other way… The drek hits the fan. Lily thinks “So this is what they mean by the term Milk Run…”

Fast forward: The beat up vehicle delivers the kid.

Fast forward: Even news reports a kidnapping gone horribly wrong. The runner team holding the hostage refuses to surrender to police. The runners are all killed, but so is the 12 year old female victim when Lone Star failed to notice a sniper on a nearby rooftop. Another innocent casualty of the Plex.

A Dish Best Served Cold

The team is contracted by a fixer named Tabby for a job. They travel to a ranch used as a corporate retreat owned by Jaron Falcone. An executive with Ares was kidnapped from the ranch and a million dollar ransom requested.

Video survellieance shows 3 women in dark clothes and tribal masks entering the property before dawn.Searching the room where he was taken they find his commlink and a black feather hidden under a pillow. Breaking into the commlink Lilly finds the frequency of his RFID tag, but needed his employee ID to run a search on that frequency. She didn’t want to risk a run on the Ares host.

Asking around they find the feather is a signature of one of the Black Cats, a shadow team out of the Sioux sector of 4 women. They frequent a bar called the Hardpan which is a hangout for Sioux military and shadow runners. at the Harpan they try to pretend they are old friends of one of the Cats who just happent o be in town, but the proprietor Sandy isn’t really buying it. Lilly manages to snoop on Sandy’s call to the Cats and gets a commlink number.

Calling the number they try various clumsy attempts at intimidation, but the Cats take them for amatuers. They arrange a meet to hand over the feather and clear the air because the Cats seem genuinely confused about the ransom.

Meeting in a parking lot with one of the Cats they are told there is no ransom and that they will release the captive tomorrow at 9pm (too late). The runners are confused.

They are contacted by a spooky decker who tells them Falcone is going to betray them. Lilly manages to somehow tail the Cat on the bike to a motel/storage unit on the edge of town with a fly spy drone.

They attack the motel and get torn up by the hardened runner team, but the captive breaks away and the Cats flee the scene.

They return the captive to Falcone and get paid, but never figure out where the ransom demand was coming from. They have made enemies of the Black Cats.


A group of newcomers to Denver were contacted by one of their fixers. A Johnson needed a set of “shiny new faces” to act as neutral parties.

The runners met a Raven, a Koshari chieftan at a bar called Denim in the Pueblo sector. Raven tasked them with delivering a package to an address in the UCAS sector.

The group took the job and the package which was full of documents of some sort. Thanks to some lucky border crossings where the fake ids held up and some fancy driving by the rigger Tiger Lilly (avoiding several attempts to interfere with their delivery, including Yakuza) they only had one issue on the trip. A drek hot decker named Dean Costello hacked Lilly’s van and shut down the engine sending a message he wanted to talk.

Dean paid them to allow him to scan the package with an electronic scanner and they went on their way.

They found the address was the mansion of Omar Chavez, sottocapo of the Chavez mafia family. They delivered the documents and got paid, although they did not make a terribly good impression on the mafia Don.

Karma: 5
Nuyen: 3160


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