Dehlila Simmons



Dehlila “Shadow” Simmons runs a small talismonger shop in the Pueblo sector. She is a middle aged black lady who always dresses finely in long high collared black dresses and she has coal black eyes (thus the “Shadow” moniker). She always speaks in whispers and the shop is dark and smoky with incense.

Dehlila has a couple of kids who occasionally help out in the shop. Her goods are all of the shamanic persuasion.


B4 A3 R3 S3 W5 L3 I3 C4 Es6 Ed2

Connection: 3

CM 10/11

Limits: P5 M5 S7

Init: 6 + 1d6

Skills: Alchemy 6, Arcana 6, Assensing 5, Etiquette(Magic) 5(7), Negotiation 6, Perception 5, Spellcasting 5, Counterspelling 5, Ritual Spellcasting 4

KS: Magical Threats 7, Magic Theory 8, Parabotany 5, Magical Black Market 5

Dehlila Simmons

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