Grace Johansen

Director Ares Denver


Grace is the Director of Western Ops for Ares Macrotechnology in Denver.

Grace has had a lot of body work done by Mr. French. Grace is powerful and confident, she uses men as playthings and can be ruthless. She is a major player in a AAA corp.


B3 A5 R5 S3 W6 L5 I5 C5 Es3 Ed6

Connection: 11

CM 10/11

Limits: P5 M7 S6

Init: 11 + 2d6

Skills: Computer 6, Con 8, Etiquette(Corp) 8(10), Hardware 4, Intimidation 8, Leadership 9, Negotiation(Contracts) 8(10), Perception 6

KS: Megacorps 8, Law 6, Corporate Rumors 7, Government 6, High Society 6

Grace Johansen

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