Lady Jade

Arms Dealer


Alabaster skin, tight black dreadlocks, Asian. Very professional demeanor.

Originally met as Ms. Johnson, the runners identified this woman as Lady Jade. Legwork in the shadows turned up the following:

  • “She’s an independent arms dealer, and she’s got about as sizeable a market share as you can hope to get in this business going it alone.”
  • “Over the past two years, the Lady’s managed to secure a huge piece of the independent marketplace, and she counts some of Denver’s top tier buyers among her most loyal clients.”
  • “The Godz used to make a pretty profit protecting her incoming shipments. A few weeks ago, she ended their business arrangement and brought in the BBs to fill the void.”
  • “Lady Jade wasn’t always an independent operator. She likes to make it look like she’s green, that’s how she keeps people off guard. But trust me, she’s not.

B3 A3 R3 S3 W5 L4 I5 C5 Es5.4 Ed4

Connection: 3

CM 10

Limits: P4 M6 S8

Init: 7 + 1d6

Skills: Con 5, Blades 5, Etiquette(Street) 6(8), Intimidation 4, Negotiation 6, Perception 4, Pistols 5

KS: Denver Yakuza Operations 5, Denver Underworld Politics 5, Firearms 5, Chemistry 4

Lady Jade

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