Meg Zaria



Meg is a Parabiologist at the University of Colorado-Denver in the Pueblo sector.

Meg is a portly 40 year old woman, with bushy red hair and thick rimmed glasses. She is nervous and fidgety. She loves chocolates and sweets. Meg owes some sort of debt to the Painted Horse Lodge in Denver, though she is afraid of them.


B2 A3 R3 S2 W4 L5 I3 C3 Es6 Ed2

Connection: 2

CM 9/10

Limits: P3 M6 S6

Init: 6 + 1d6

Skills: Animal Handling 6, Instruction 5, Computer 5, Etiquette (Corp) 5(7), Chemistry 6, Biotech 5, Medicine 4

KS: Law 3, Parazoology 7, Magic Theory 4, Academia 6, Wildlife Areas 5

Meg Zaria

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