Mr French

Charismatic former cosmetic surgeon


Dr Felipe A Capraro is originally from Quebec. He ran a highly successful cosmetic surgery business in Denver for many years catering to the rich and famous. He enjoyed a high lifestyle and was a very active gambler, where he picked up the nickname “Mr French” because of his french accent and dapper style (a reference to an old 2d TV show from last century)..

Not long ago, Dr Capraro got caught writing illegal prescriptions for himself. The scandal caused him to lose his medical license and his practice, but some high price lawyers managed to help him avoid a criminal conviction. With his gambling and drug habits, the loss of his practice, and his massively expensive legal expenses, Dr Capraro has fallen on very hard times. He was even forced to sell his expensive sports cars but managed to keep his expensive house in the CAS sector.

Dr Capraro owes some scary people lots of money and is at the end of his rope. He is forced to turn to the shadows to survive.


Mr French

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