Omar Chavez

Sottocapo Chavez Mafia


Omar Chavez is the sottocapo for the Chavez Mafia family in Denver. He reports directly to the head of the Chavez family in Dallas-Ft.Worth. (Don Miguel “Caesar” Chavez) He is an elderly man, who needs a cane to stand. He is skinny to the point of near frailty, and he stands with a slight stoop. Of course, his frailty and his cane only serve to make the Ruger Super Warhawk he carries look even more enormous in his hands and in its shoulder holster.

The sottocapo is extremely direct. He never minces words, but rather gets directly to the point. If people take too long to respond to his questions, or try to beat around the bush, he’ll say, “Ya see these wrinkles? I ain’t got that much time left. Get to the point!” Somehow, in spite of his frailty, his presence still seems to fill up a room.

Human Male; Connection Rating 4
B2 A4 R2 S2 C5 I5 L4 W6 E5 ESS6
Active Skills: Con: 5; Etiquette: 5;
Intimidation: 6; Leadership: 6; Negotiation:
6; Pistols: 3
Knowledge Skills: Mafia Procedures: 6;
Casino Operation: 6; Smuggling: 4

He was delivered a package from the Pueblo mob by the runners. He was not too happy with them, he is not a contact.


Omar Chavez

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