Seymour Hoffman

Drag Queen Civil Servant


Seymour works in the City Planning Department as a middle tier manager.

On the weekends he is a prize winning drag queen specializing in sexy song and dance numbers.

Seymour is a close friend of Tiger Lilly, they like to party together amongst “other things”.


B3 A4 R3 S2 W5 L3 I4 C4 Es6 Ed2

Connection: 3

CM 10

Limits: P3 M5 S6

Init: 7 + 1d6

Skills: Computer 3, Etiquette (Corp) 5(7), Negotiation 5, Con 4, Disguise 5, Impersonation 6, Performance 6

KS: Corporate Rumors 5, Club Scene 6, Denver 6, City Government 7

Seymour Hoffman

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